About Us

Working at the intersection of content, technology, and business

About Clarke & Company

Founded in 2009, Clarke & Company is a management consulting firm working with organizations that create, curate, and disseminate professional information. Our work concentrates in the scientific, technical, and medical (STM) fields.

What We Do

Our clients turn to Clarke & Company for assistance with the development of new information products and services, the design and deployment of enterprise digital strategies, the development of business strategies to increase growth, and to gain a better understanding of and engagement with their customers and other stakeholders.

Who We Work With

We work with commercial publishers, professional associations, universities and university presses, software companies, production and distribution vendors, and other organizations that create or disseminate professional and scholarly information.

Our People

Michael Clarke


Michael’s experience spans both the publishing and software industries, with a focus on developing, delivering, and marketing information products for professionals. Prior to founding Clarke & Company, he served as executive vice president of product and market development at Silverchair Information Systems, a software company providing publishing tools and platforms to STM publishers, professional associations, and the federal government. At the American Medical Association (AMA), Michael served as director of marketing and product development and director of international business. At the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), he was senior managing editor of scholarly journals and executive editor of the journal Pediatrics. Prior to his tenure at AAP, Michael worked at the University of Chicago Press, developing some of the industry’s first online publications.

Michael holds a master’s degree from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, where he was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society. He is a prolific author and speaker and a frequent contributor to the Scholarly Kitchen, a popular online publication affiliated with the Society for Scholarly Publishing that brings together differing opinions, commentary, and ideas from across the publishing spectrum.

Pam Harley

Senior Consultant

Pam combines an execution-focused drive with a strategic perspective gained from 20+ years in STM publishing. Experience in both publishing and software development has given her a panoramic view into the challenges and opportunities facing those developing professional content today. Before joining Clarke & Company, Pam served as product strategist for Silverchair Information Systems, helping clients develop digital products and grow their business. Pam also led Silverchair’s Semedica division, developing a set of semantic technologies and services for the application of semantic metadata to STM content.

At the American Psychiatric Association, Pam directed electronic publishing strategy and product development. She was the architect of PsychiatryOnline, one of the industry’s first digital products to integrate reference books, textbooks, journals, self-assessment, and other content types on a single platform. Education in biology and a stint as a research assistant at Duke University engendered a passion for scientific communication and gave her insight into the information needs of scientists and researchers. Pam serves on the steering committee for ALPSP North America. She is a graduate of Duke University with a bachelor of science degree in biology and psychology.

MaryEllen DeMarco

Senior Consultant

MaryEllen brings 20+ years of experience managing and conducting primary market research studies, and most recently spearheaded and managed a customer experience measurement program at Thomson Reuters. Prior to her 15-year career at Thomson Reuters, MaryEllen worked for a supplier of market research, managing projects for various clients such as NASDAQ, Merrill Lynch, IBM, and Datatel, and before that for a publishing company where she managed readership and psychographic studies. Her areas of market research focus include voice of customer, customer loyalty measurement, customer satisfaction, Net Promoter System, product concept testing, conjoint/discrete choice research, brand equity and name testing, online and in-person focus groups, executive interviewing, go-to-market and positioning research and price sensitivity, and general research consulting.

MaryEllen holds a bachelor’s degree in American studies from Smith College and has earned several professional certifications: Professional Market Researcher (Market Research Association, MRA), Certified Customer Experience Professional (Customer Experience Professionals Association, CXPA), and Net Promoter Associate (Satmetrix).

Our Mission & Mark

The mission of Clarke & Company is to help our clients navigate the currents and winds of the professional information marketplace. We chose an albatross for our mark as ships lost at sea have long been known to follow this winged traveler to land and safety. The albatross is regarded by mariners as a symbol of good fortune and a guide in uncertain waters—and the waters many organizations find themselves sailing through today are nothing if not uncertain.

What We Believe

Professional and scholarly information has the power to transform individuals, organizations, and society. The stakes are higher with professional and scholarly information than with other areas of human knowledge creation. This is where the heavy lifting takes place, where the intellectual, scientific, and technological scaffolding is built that supports individual decisions, organizational strategies, and national policies.

Products should be built around user needs, not organizational silos. User workflows are evolving around mobile devices, global discovery systems, and an expanding constellation of tools for collaboration. We help our clients better understand the needs and expectations particular to their customers and design products and strategies for today’s hyper-connected environment.

In a fast-moving market, being “risk averse” can be the riskiest course of action. If your market is changing direction, staying the course can create far more risk than adapting to evolving user needs and the changing currents of the marketplace. We help our clients better understand user needs and market directions and develop practical solutions that address both.

One size does not fit all. This is true of business models, enterprise strategies, user needs, pricing strategies, and nearly every other facet of today’s information marketplace. It is also true of the solutions we develop at Clarke & Company, each of which is a response to the unique set of circumstances, needs, and objectives brought by our clients.

The pace of technological change has made strategy more, not less, important than ever. While the era of the five-year strategic plan and sustained competitive advantage may be a thing of the past, strategy itself remains vital. We approach strategy as a framework of priorities and decisions that help organizations determine what they will focus on, how they will be successful, and what capabilities they need in order to thrive.