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Clarke & Company is a management consulting firm working with organizations that create, curate, and disseminate professional and scholarly information. Our work concentrates in scientific, technical, and medical (STM) fields.
  • Case Study

    American College of Cardiology

    JACC was in transition. Its revered editor-in-chief was preparing to step down, and its long-serving publisher was likewise readying for retirement. The ACC decided to pause and survey the competitive landscape for JACC, assess its position in the marketplace, and recalibrate its strategy. Their aim was to develop a new strategic roadmap that would not only chart the direction of JACC but would also inform the candidate search process.
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  • Articles

    How Smart Is Your Content?

    Scholarly publishers – especially those in the STM fields – are increasingly enriching their content with an array of metadata with the aim of ensuring that content is distributed broadly, adaptable for multiple purposes, and rendered interoperable with other relevant content. The options available continue to grow, and the value added to content grows as well. Semantic enrichment is an additional class of metadata that further improves the utility, discovery, and interoperability of content.

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  • Scholarly Kitchen Blog

    Peak Subscription

    Since the late 1990s there have been two drivers of growth in STM and scholarly publishing: site licensing and global expansion. As successful as these activities have been, we appear to be nearing if not a peak, at least a plateau. So the question is, where is the growth going to come from?

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  • Presentations

    From Search to Surface: Digital Strategy and the Professional Association

    The websites and online resources of professional associations are too often designed around the organizational structure of the association itself, instead of the information seeking behavior and workflows of their members. What are some strategies associations might consider that put the needs of their members and other users first?

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